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Frame your life the way you want it with the AHD-SD9 32 in. x 74 in. Fixed Glass Shower Screen. This shower screen’s matte brushed gold frame elegantly outlines its rectangular shape, making its geometric dimensions obvious yet subtle. The screen is made from solid, 3/8 in. ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201-certified clear tempered glass for extreme durability and safety. Its matte brushed gold finish is coated in 7 layers, rendering it rust, corrosion, and tarnish free for years of use. 

  • SEAL-THRU TM: a continuous seal strip prevents water leaks and keeps the shower watertight between the glass screen and the structural rail
  • FINISH PLATED TM: ensures the hardware finish is consistent throughout and guaranteed to match all other products
  • FIXED PANEL: spacious fixed shower screen provides a relaxing walk-in shower experience
  • SECURE AND STABLE: Vertical and bottom rail support ensures wall anchoring and reinforces wall stability
  • TEMPERED GLASS: spot-free and incredibly safe, this glass resists dangerous breakage and shards
  • EASY TO CLEAN: glass treatment prevents streaks and makes it easy to clean
  • FRAMED SHOWER SCREEN: modern design elevates any bath design with timeless luxury
  • ALL PARTS INCLUDED: All mounting hardware included in packaging
  • QUALITY HARDWARE: stainless steel and brass constructed hardware ensures optimal performance
  • REVERSIBLE INSTALLATION: versatile left or right-side installation allow you to customize the look of your bathroom
  • GLASS CERTIFICATIONS: 3/8″ ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201-certified clear tempered glass


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